Party candidate list submissions close this afternoon

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pretoria - Political parties registered to contest the 2009 general elections have only until this afternoon to submit a list of their candidates to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

Submissions will close at 5pm on Monday.

Last week, the IEC warned that registered parties who intended to contest the elections, both nationally and provincially, were required to hand deliver their candidates' lists, the accompanying documents and deposits to the Chief Electoral Officer at Election House, 260 Walker Street, Sunnyside in Pretoria.

No other means of delivery of lists will be accepted, nor will lists be accepted at any other office of the Commission, the IEC said.

According to the IEC, it is only parties that are registered with the electoral body that are eligible to submit candidate lists and contest the elections.

"A registered party contesting the election of the National Assembly must submit a National list and 9 regional lists, alternatively only 9 regional lists.

"If a party wants to contest an election of any or all of the provincial legislature elections, it must submit a provincial list for each of the provincial legislatures it is contesting," the IEC said.

Candidate lists must be accompanied by a written undertaking and declaration by the party as well as a written resolution identifying and authorising a party official to submit the list of candidates.

Candidates must also have an election deposit for each election the party is contesting.

"Parties contesting for the National Assembly will have to pay a deposit of R180 000, while parties contesting provincial legislatures will pay R40 000 per province. The deposits can only be paid by means of a bank guaranteed cheque.

"The respective deposit is refundable if a party wins at least one seat in the legislature they are contesting," the IEC said.

An A5 colour photo of the leader of the party (the photo will appear on the ballot paper) will also be required.

On submission of the lists, the nominating party will receive an acknowledgement of receipt which will be date and time stamped.

The receipt is, however, not proof that the party's lists and documents have complied with the legislative requirements.

The national and provincial elections timetables which were published on 16 February on the government's gazette provide the legislative framework and dates for all election related activities such as the submission of candidates' lists and the issuing of certificates to candidates, among others.