Parliament commemorates Africa Day

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pretoria - Parliament has joined the rest of Africa and the diaspora in celebration of Africa Day.

Africa Day marks the birth of the Organisation of African Unity, the forerunner of the African Union, 54 years ago.

In marking this day, Parliament celebrates the ideals of African unity, cooperation, human solidarity, African consciousness, Ubuntu and peace.

“We reflect on our proud past, our current challenges and future opportunities and reaffirm our common heritage and our common future.

“At the heart of our common heritage and human solidarity are the values of Ubuntu,” Parliament said on Thursday.

It said the principles of Ubuntu, which include common humanity, mutual respect, caring and protection for one another, is a thread running through the Constitution and has shaped the institutions South Africans established to protect the country’s democracy.

“We must at all times oppose that which undermines the sacred values that bind us in our common humanity. We must shun divisive acts, systems and other practices that stand opposed to African unity, that destabilise and impoverish our Continent, including xenophobia,” Parliament said.

In this regard, Parliament has urged all South Africans to unite and redouble their efforts to defeat the repulsive scourge of gender based violence in the country.

“Instances of subtle or blatant abuse happening within our communities must be exposed and rooted out in the spirit of human solidarity.

“The abuse of cultural and social institutions to perpetuate conservatism and patriarchy must never be allowed to thrive in our society,” Parliament said. –

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