OR Tambo honoured, respected worldwide

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pretoria – The freedom that South Africans enjoy today can be attributed to President OR Tambo’s political zeal, vision and his unique leadership qualities which kept a huge political movement together, says Arts and Culture Deputy Minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi.

Deputy Minister Mabudafhasi said the late President Tambo kept an extensive network of freedom fighters, who together focused on achieving victory over the apartheid regime and preparing cadres of the movement to take over the running of their beloved country.

She was speaking on Wednesday during the SA, Algeria Cultural Season, held in Algeria, which seeks to strengthen relations between both countries, promote social cohesion and the realisation of a united and peaceful Africa.

The programme for the South Africa Algeria Cultural Season included an OR Tambo memorial lecture which is a build-up to the OR Tambo Centenary.

The South African Government will host an event on 27 October 2017 as it marks the Centenary of OR Tambo.

It will be preceded by a series of events hosted in South Africa and internationally.

“We hope that young people of this country will also be inspired by the amazing leadership of OR Tambo. 

“As a President of the ANC, OR Tambo was afforded an international status equivalent to a Head of State during the liberation struggle.

“He mobilised the international community to support South Africa to fight against apartheid and he was at the forefront in establishing ANC offices in different countries,” said Deputy Minister Mabudafhasi.

She said Tambo engineered one of the most sophisticated liberation struggles that saw a co-ordinated expression of the mass movement, underground units, armed struggle and international solidarity. 

“For many decades, he was in the forefront providing leadership for both the external and internal structures of the liberation movement against apartheid oppression and repression.”

President OR Tambo is respected throughout the world as an embodiment of the highest values. 

“He is recognised as an eminent leader who succeeded in mobilizing his people and the international community to the national cause of South Africa and to the international cause of fighting racism, xenophobia and the consolidation of an international human rights movement,” said Deputy Minister Mabudafhasi.

She said the agenda led by President OR Tambo reinforced struggles against racism, colonialism and oppression which were fought elsewhere in the world and his efforts also determined the balance of political and economic forces within the global political and economic order.

“He was an intellectual of note, who reinforced continuing discursive engagement, analytical description of the different phases of the liberation struggle and provided clearer understanding of the advances and political achievements of the liberation movement.

“Layers of political, military, cultural and economic leaders under the tutelage of President OR Tambo were developed to occupy strategic leadership positions, and they are still inspired by the teachings and influence of this great African leader.

“The South African government holds in high esteem his works as a negotiator, peace-maker, calm force and a brilliant strategist,” said Deputy Minister Mabudafhasi. – SAnews.gov.za

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