Operation Nomakanjani to extend its tentacles

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pretoria - The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department intends to move its highly successful Operation Nomakanjani to other areas within its jurisdiction.

Operation Nomakanjani, meaning "no matter what," was launched earlier this month to crack down on reckless and negligent driving in the city centre.

More than 200 motorists have been arrested so far, many of whom were taxi operators driving in the emergency lane and hindering emergency personnel from reaching accident scenes.

However, spokesperson for the department Senior Superintendent Wayne Minnaar told BuaNews that metro officers were not only targeting taxi operators.

"We are targeting all motorists who disobey road regulations, drive recklessly, skip red traffic lights, make illegal U-turns, drive into oncoming traffic and fail to give right of way to pedestrians."

Motorists caught disobeying traffic laws are swiftly arrested on the spot, and can be released on bail. Their vehicles are impounded and are released after a fine of R600 is paid.

A total of 120 officers, who operate 24 hours, have been deployed at 40 hotspots within the Johannesburg region.

Senior Superintendent Minnaar said it was too early to make an assessment on whether the behaviour of motorists had changed since the launch of the operation, however, many motorists in the city centre have welcomed the operation.