New grant system will help tackle fraud

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lady Frere - Social grant fraud in the Eastern Cape is being dealt a serious blow with the issuing of new bank cards as part of a new biometric system which is being implemented across the country.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is currently rolling out the new social grant payment system cards.

Sassa spokesperson Luzuko Qina said the new cards, which were issued to residents of Jojweni Village near Lady Frere on Thursday, can only be used by the beneficiaries.

"With the old system, people took chances. When a beneficiary died, a family member would continue receiving the grant on their behalf, which is fraud," said Qina.

He said the new card included personal identification features, as well as a recording of the recipients' voices.

"We scan the recipients' fingerprints and take their photos. On top of that they are issued a secret PIN which requires monthly activation," said Qina.

He said the new system would also make recipients' lives a lot easier, as withdrawals can be made at a number of places such as Shoprite, Boxer Stores and Pick 'n Pay.

Jojweni resident, 60-year-old Mamfene Dintsi, said she no longer has to worry about missing "pension payout day".

"I don't have to stand in queues and I can go and draw my money anytime I want to now. Before, if I missed payday, I would have to wait two months to get my money," said Dintsi.

Another villager, Nolwando Lingani, 49, said the new card would mean her grant money was safe.

"A lot of people have been robbed of their grant money in the village. Now I don't have to worry about someone waiting around a corner to rob me after I collect my money," said Lingani.

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