National House of Traditional and Khoisan Leaders appoints woman chairperson

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) has congratulated Nkosikazi Nosandi Mhlauli for being elected as the first woman Chairperson of the National House of Traditional and Khoisan Leaders. 

SALGA Women’s Commission (SWC) Chairperson, Cllr Florah Maboa-Boltman, in the statement said Mhlauli’s appointment was a timely and relevant opportunity to transform a male-dominated and hierarchal institution of traditional leadership.

She said: “Encouraging more women into leadership positions in all sectors of society will go a long way towards dismantling the practice of gender stereotyping, which often leads to the discrimination and unequal treatment of women. 

“INkosikazi Mhlauli’s historic appointment will not only open doors that were shut before for women in the National House of Traditional and Khoisan Leaders but will also pave the way for women in institutions still dominated by men. INkosikazi Mhlauli brings with her not only a wealth of leadership experience but an impressive array of achievements.”

Maboa-Boltman said Nkosikazi Mhlauli led the Eastern Cape Provincial House of Traditional Leaders for 15 years until she got elected to the National House of Traditional and Khoisan Leaders in 2017 as the Deputy Chairperson. She acted as Chairperson since the passing of Inkosi Sipho Mahlangu in July 2021, “a clear demonstration that Inkosikazi Mhlauli is more than capable to lead”. 

The SWC said it had in the past enjoyed working with Inkosikazi Mhlauli in her capacity as the Eastern Cape Provincial Chairperson of Imbumba Yamakhosikazi Akomkhulu (IYA).

It said her efforts resulted in more women traditional leaders accepting and leading in the House of Traditional leadership in the Eastern Cape.

“Working with the SWC, the IYA is part of the gender machinery work to accelerate the mainstreaming of women into government and private sectors, including traditional institutions. 

“Inkosikazi Mhlauli is one of the many women trailblazers leading the fight for gender equality. The SWC, on behalf of SALGA, wishes her well in this new role and look forward to building better working relations,” said Maboa-Boltman. –