Ministers breathe new life into APRM

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pretoria - South Africa has conveyed its appreciation to the African Peer Review Forum (APRM) of Ministers for revitalising the mechanism.

“I wish to convey South Africa’s appreciation of the collective efforts of this committee in ensuring that the APRM rises to the expectation of the founding fathers in playing a role as a catalyst for sustainable development for the people of our continent,” said Public Service and Administration Minister Faith Muthambi.

The Minister was speaking at an APRM Focal Points meeting in Midrand on Wednesday. The APRM Focal Points meeting is a gathering of ministers or high-level government officials who report directly to their respective heads of state or government.

They are appointed soon after a country accedes to the mechanism and are responsible for managing the process, updating the heads of state or government on national progress, facilitating the self-assessment process and liaising the African Peer Review (APR) Panel throughout the exercise.

The APRM is a self-assessment tool to deepen democracy and foster good governance and accountability in participating countries.

As servants the people, Minister Muthambi said governments should always seek to ensure that they let nothing stand in the way of achieving the dream of a better Africa for the children and future generations.

"I am proud to proclaim, with conviction and without fear of contradiction, that this committee, the APR Forum, and the entire APRM family including our strategic partners, continues to play a positive and significant role in ensuring that we achieve an Africa characterized by good governance.” -


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