Minister supports call for strong, decisive leadership

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Communications Minister Ayanda Dlodlo says she supports the call for strong and decisive leadership.

“Everywhere one goes the narrative that emerges is the need for strong and decisive leadership,” Minister Dlodlo said.

Speaking at the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) seminar in Sandton, north of Johannesburg on Thursday, Minister Dlodlo said leaders should show their mettle during times of crises, and inspire others in difficult situations. 

“Undoubtedly there are some in our nation who might conclude that South Africa, and its leadership are lacking in the traits outlined above. However, I would argue strongly that we are well placed to crack the leadership code,” Minister Dlodlo said.

Minister Dlodlo said there is a need to improve in applying principles of risk management. 

“Lack of risk management systems often results in corruption. Anyone who has ever had to lead knows that true leadership cannot occur by formula. Many of the greatest leaders of our time followed no set script, yet their achievements and influence continue to echo through time,” the Minister said.

Minister Dlodlo told guests at the seminar that OR Tambo was one of the greatest leaders the country has ever produced, he knew that leadership often entailed untold responsibility and sacrifice.

“But just as importantly he knew that leadership took many forms and that no-one person could carry the burden alone. It is most fitting that our nation will honour his legacy in October during the centenary celebration of the life of OR Tambo,” the Minister said.

Minister Dlodlo said the Constitution that South Africans see today has the footprint and DNA of OR Tambo.

“I support the call for strong and decisive leadership.  However, like OR Tambo, I believe that there is room for people at all levels to demonstrate leadership. 

“We cannot fall into the trap of believing that only one person, or a small cohort of leaders have the answers,” she said.


Touching on corruption, Minister Dlodlo said it is by no means just a government problem or a South African problem.

“It is a complex social, political and economic disease that affects all countries. Therefore government has moved to implement a National Anti-Corruption Strategy in collaboration with all sectors of society. 

“The strategy will be drawn up as a collective approach to deal with the scourge of corruption and will reflect the will of the nation,” the Minister said.

She explained that the strategy will inform the work of government and the citizenry towards building a country as envisioned in the National Development Plan.

“It reflects elements such as prevention, reporting and detection, investigation, prosecution and resolution, monitoring and evaluation, consequence management and partnership development,” Minister Dlodlo said.

Risk Management South Africa

The Society of Risk Managers South Africa (SRM), which incepted in 1990, aims to improve the professional development of Risk Management as a managerial function, and to co-ordinate the Risk Management profession in South Africa.

IRMSA membership is drawn from a wide spectrum of industrial and academic backgrounds.

IRMSA has been recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), as the only professional body for Risk Managers in Southern Africa. –

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