Minister pays tribute to Chief Xigalo

Friday, October 13, 2017

Public Service and Administration Minister Faith Muthambi has paid tribute to the late Hosi Shitlahangoma James Maluleke Xigalo who always promoted the unity of African people.

“This is … a lesson we can learn from his life. He believed in the unity of African people and he was a unifier,” Minister Muthambi said.

Hosi Xigalo, popularly known as Hosi Stapura, was one of the senior traditional leaders in the Malamulele constituency, who worked closely with Minister Muthambi in various community development projects such as digital migration, back to school campaigns, social cohesion projects, and crime prevention initiatives.

Addressing his funeral on Friday, she said Hosi Xigalo did not believe that African people should be divided because of the borders which were imposed by the colonialists.

“As South Africans we must strive to learn about our continent and pass such knowledge to future generations. We must also make it our business to learn about the African Union’s agenda for 2063, which is a strategic framework for the socio-economic transformation of the continent,” Minister Muthambi said.

She encouraged parents to teach their children about the African cultures and values, so that they can embrace their heritage.

“In that way they will know the history and important role of traditional leadership in society. In this way we will be honouring the legacy of our beloved “Hosi Stapura”, because he believed in the unity of Africans and in the progressive role of traditional leadership,” Minister Muthambi said.

She said Hosi Xigalo never took a back seat or watched from a distance when things were happening in his area.

“He participated actively and contributed with ideas, motivation, and even with pieces of land, since we know that land is an important factor of production,” Minister Muthambi.

During his reign, two high schools were constructed – Dlamani, Thambisa and a primary school called Shimambani. 

He also pushed for the construction of Xigalo Fire Station, Cambridge and U-Save Supermarkets, which will be opened soon.

He also initiated the Xigalo Agricultural project, Xigalo Old age Home, Ayob Supermarket, Mugijima complex and other projects.

“He was a visionary who always thought of improving the living conditions of his people, and he led from the front,” Minister Muthambi said.

She encouraged traditional leaders to not take a back seat and watch things happen.

“Traditional leaders must work together with political leaders for the benefit of the communities. They can therefore help in ensuring that there is continuity of development projects even when politicians who initiated the projects are no longer in office,” Minister Muthambi said. –

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