Minister calls on society to fight women abuse

Friday, August 25, 2017

Communications Minister Ayanda Dlodlo has called on both men and society in general to ensure that the abuse against women and children does not continue.

“Every day women in our country remain vulnerable to the scourge of violence and abuse, often perpetuated by those who are closest to them,” Minister Dlodlo said.

She was speaking at a seminar in the Sedibeng district on Friday. The seminar, entitled “Phenomenal Women” was organised by the Executive Mayor of Sedibeng District Municipality, Busisiwe Modisakeng  under the theme ” Domestic Violence Violates Human Rights. Among those who attended included renowned South African singer and actor Marah Louw.

Minister Dlodlo also told the gathering that South African women were more than just victims of abuse and/or violence.

“For that reason, we need to find a way of celebrating the work done by many ordinary women amidst all the violence. We should not allow the role that women played in the struggle against patriarchy, apartheid and subjugation to be erased from history books and the memory of their participation to be a blurry memory fading in obscurity of insignificance,” she said.

Despite the many hardships and difficult situations women faced in society, they have always risen above their situation.

“Our country is truly blessed to have remarkable women with an extraordinary will and drive to rise against all odds,” said Minister Dlodlo.

She said women needed to be truly inspired by the thousands of brave women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 to turn the course of history. In the celebration of Women’s Month South Africa needs to honour women who stood up against the tyranny of an illegitimate system and the triple yoke of oppression namely race, class and gender.

“In their march for freedom, equal representation, land rights and direct access to justice, they demonstrated the impact women can have in moving our nation forward.”

The minister said government has been at the forefront fighting the scourge of women abuse through various initiatives. These include, among others, a series of legislation such as the Domestic Violence Act, the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 2007 and the Protection from Harassment Act of 2011, Sexual Offences Act and Children’s Act specifically aimed at protecting women and children.

But for the laws to work better, community members who have information or knowledge of abuse of women need to report perpetrators to the police.

“The police and courts are empowered to arrest, prosecute and convict perpetrators of violence against women and children. Our courts are sending a strong signal to would-be perpetrators by handing out severe sentences to those found guilty of women abuse and violence,” said Minister Dlodlo. –




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