Metrorail resumes Naledi - Johannesburg service

Monday, November 28, 2022

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) has reached yet another critical milestone, with the completion of the rebuilding of the Naledi to Johannesburg line and the resumption of its services.

The return to service follows a successful trial run on the line and a No Objection Certificate from the Railway Safety Regulator.

Metrorail successfully resumed services between Naledi and Johannesburg, with the new Electrical Motor Units, Isitimela Sabantu ('people's train').

The train stops at Naledi, Merafe, Inhlazane, Ikwezi, Dube, Phomolong, Mzimhlophe, New Canada, Longdale, Croesus, Langlaagte, Braamfontein and Park Station.

“Last week, the project team ran trial operations on the line to ensure the safety and reliability of the railway for public use. The trial operations included the testing of the integrity of the network and newly installed infrastructure, scheduling, and systems put in place.

“Following the testing of the lines, PRASA is pleased that the train will run at both peak and off-periods. PRASA would like to urge communities to continue playing a role in protecting the network and protect the new trains from vandalism and stone-throwing,” PRASA said on Monday.

For safety reasons, trading will not be allowed inside the trains.

However, informal traders will be allowed to trade in and around the platforms where demarcated sites will be provided.

“We have also put in a place an integrated security plan to ensure the safety and security of commuters, employees, the recovered rail infrastructure, and the new trains. We have also increased security personnel on the ground.

“The recovery of the Naledi line is a major achievement for the Group, given the strategic role played by Metrorail in connecting peripheral communities to economic hubs and economic opportunities,” PRASA said.

The resumption of services in Soweto comes at an opportune time for commuters who depend on an efficient and affordable mode of transport, given the high cost of living and escalating costs of transport.

PRASA Acting Group CEO, Hishaam Emeran, has commended the project team for their dedication and efforts in recovering the Naledi line following unprecedented levels of theft and vandalism of the infrastructure.

He thanked the local community, community leaders and small businesses who played a major role in supporting PRASA to deliver on its primary mandate. –

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