Licence grace period still stands, says dept

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretoria - The Department of Transport has dismissed an email stating that a 21-day grace period which applies to the renewal of motor vehicle licenses has been done away with.

According to the email, the grace period for renewing motor vehicle licenses has been done away with, effective from 1 March 2011 and that a penalty will be levied for each day exceeding the expiry date.

"The department wishes to state unequivocally that this message is devoid of any truth, and that the 21-day grace period (in terms of regulation 60 of the National Road Traffic Regulations) still applies," said department spokesperson Sam Monareng.

The department on Thursday called on the public to ignore the email and not to forward the message to other people.

"[We] assure all South Africans that any and all changes affecting the motoring public will be communicated accordingly and well in advance."