Khawe condemns act of child abandonment

Monday, August 26, 2019

Gauteng MEC for Social Development, Thuliswa Khawe, has condemned the act of child abandonment at birth.

“There can be no justification to kill or abandon children at birth. We want to call on the public to stop these criminal acts against children,” Khawe said.

Khawe was reacting to a story in a daily newspaper where the body of a newly born baby was found by a metal collector on Friday.

The body was wrapped in a woman’s skirt, near a stream at Roodekop Squatter Camp, Ekurhuleni.

“I am concerned about the increase in a number of abandon cases in this area. Last week another body of a newly born baby was found. The prevalence of these types of crimes committed against children are very shocking.

“This is saddening because it cannot be justified. We want to deter these kinds of criminal acts against children from reoccurring,” Khawe said.

Khawe added that government, working with Non-Governmental Organisations have made it possible for anyone with child rearing problems to receive assistance. 

“The Gauteng Department of Social Development provides a home to unwanted babies. As government, we also provide reproductive health services at primary health care facilities. We want to call on the public to stop these criminal acts against children,” the MEC said.

She urged anyone who may experience any difficulties related to unwanted pregnancy or any personal problem to do with pregnancy, or even a relationship to contact the department at 011 355 9200.

The MEC also urged police to do all in their power to bring the perpetrators of violence against children to book. –