Joburg Police Chief cleared of misconduct

Friday, August 14, 2009

Johannesburg - Johannesburg Metro Police Chief Chris Nqcobo has been cleared of allegations of misconduct and corruption.

Earlier this year, Mr Nqcobo was accused by his subordinates of misconduct resulting in the Johannesburg Metro Police officers embarking on a strike demanding that he be investigated or be fired.

Mr Nqcobo subsequently took voluntary leave to allow investigations to continue without hindrances.

The investigators in their report recommended that Mr Nqcobo and other officials who were also suspended during the strike return to work as there was a prima facie case against them.

During the investigations, the investigators found among other things, that there had been a problem of communication between the management and the subordinates.

Announcing the return of Mr Nqcobo, the Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg Amos Masondo said a lesson has been learnt that employees and organised labour should show restraint and explore all existing platforms of negotiations to verify and test information before matters are taken to the public domain.

He assured ratepayers that safety and security are among the City's top priorities.

"The City commits itself to strong leadership on security issues and to implement measures including modern technology, continuous training of officials and the strengthening of the police force to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to the best of its ability.

"The City commends Mr Nqcobo for his decision to take voluntary leave of absence and give way for the enquiry to get underway without any possible perception of interference with the process," said Mayor Masondo.

Mr Nqcobo has been in service of the City in a number of senior positions since 1996.

He was appointed to the position of Chief of Police in 2001 starting with a small team of 425 officers with a budget of R274 million. The team has since grown to 3 500 with a budget of R1.2 billion.

During his leadership, the City introduced new technology to curb crime through the CCTV cameras.