Imbizo on education moves to Mathibestad

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pretoria - A planned imbizo on education in Mathibestad, near Hammanskraal, this weekend, is a clear indication that government views quality education as the cornerstone of the country’s growth and prosperity, says Communications Minister Faith Muthambi.

On Sunday, Minister Muthambi will lead a government imbizo on education at the rural village of Mathibestad under the Moretele Municipality in the North West province which will start at 10am.

“A quality education system is the cornerstone of this country’s growth and prosperity…we are going to Mathibestad to reiterate to our people that we are still guided by the National Development Plan (NDP) which dictates that by 2030, we should have an education system that enables our people to fulfil their potential…an education system that contributes to rising income, higher productivity and the shift to a more knowledge-intensive economy,” the Minister said.

The NDP aims to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030. According to the NDP, by 2030, South Africa needs an education system with high-quality school education, with globally competitive literacy and numeracy standards as well as a wider system of innovation that links universities, science councils and other research and development role players.

NDP Back to School imbizo

Last month, government embarked on the NDP Post SONA Back to School Imbizo under the theme “Together we move South Africa Forward: Making our future work”.

The imbizo seeks to send a clear message that South Africa is serious about education and that it is at the apex of government priorities.

The imbizo calls for the implementation of a joint national initiative. During the izimbizo, Members of Cabinet led district based activations to engage citizens on issues in the education sector.

The NDP further envisions a South Africa where everyone has access to education of the highest quality, leading to significantly improved outcomes and a prosperous life.

Izimbizo are two-way unmediated and interactive information sharing platforms, a dialogue between government and people, giving credibility to a participatory democracy.

Learners, principals, teachers, lecturers and parents are encouraged to participate in the izimbizo from their respective areas.

This also gives citizens the opportunity to address challenges and concerns they are facing in the education system. 

Progress in Education

There has been significant progress in education since 1994. Before 1990, less than a quarter of black learners completed matric. In 2012, this figure is close to two thirds.

South Africa has made rapid progress in broadening preschool education and almost 8 million children receive a meal at school, while school funding is pro-poor. -

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