Government should lead in technology innovation

Friday, December 8, 2017

Public Service and Administration Minister Faith Muthambi says government should take the lead in technology innovation.

“Government must take the lead and other sectors must follow,” the Minister said during the official opening of the Government Technological Council’s Strategic Session held in Rustenburg in the North West, on Thursday.

Minister Muthambi explained that the roles of government in technology deployment includes information and education, technology development, collaborations, policy and market development.

“As we move towards an era of e-government, the role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in government cannot be discounted as many of the services we offer would not be available without it.

“ICT today is an integral part of government, and its role will continue to expand,” Minister Muthambi said.

She said the National Development Plan (NDP) identifies, among others, the improvement of the quality of public services as critical to achieving transformation.

“In order to attain some of the NDP, 2030 imperatives a targeted ICT skills development programme is required within Government.

“We must all remember that ICT is an enabler for enhancing productivity, raising resilience and fostering greater civic engagement, while offering options for effective delivery of public services,” the Minister said.

The degree to which ICT can be leveraged in national development strategies and programmes, depends not only on the state of ICT infrastructure and connectivity, but also on the human and institutional capacities to effectively use such technologies.

Minister Muthambi said by 2030, ICT will underpin the development of a dynamic and connected information society and a vibrant knowledge economy that is more inclusive and prosperous.

She said a seamless information infrastructure will be universally available and accessible and will meet the needs of citizens, business and the public sector, providing access to the creation and consumption of a wide range of converged services required for effective economic and social participation – at a cost and quality at least equal to South Africa's main peers and competitors. –

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