Gauteng parents called to elect SGBs

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Gauteng Department of Education has called on parents to participate in their children’s futures by participating in the 2018 School Governing Body (SGB) Elections.

“Your role as a parent, regardless of your race or background, is critical because it will assist the department to improve learning outcomes and enable us to reach the goal of providing quality education in all our schools,” said the Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi.

The role of the SGB is to support the principal with amongst others; financial administration, maintenance of the school and recommendation of appointment of staff.

“Under the theme, ‘be active, be principled, vote wisely – njalo’, the department seeks to mobilise civil society to get involved in their children’s education. SGBs are crucial for participatory democracy and ensure popular participation by parents, learners and educators in the governance of the school,” said the department.

The three-year term of the current SGB members ends on 28 February 2018. The department will then host SGB Election District Dialogues from 13 to 28 February 2018, to create awareness.

Elections for the incoming SGB will take place from 01 to 31 March 2018, in all schools.

This will be the ninth cycle of SGB Elections since 1994. They are the third largest elections after the national, provincial and local government election.

“SGBs are elected for a term of three years and comprises of the parent component, educators, the school principal and learner representatives at high schools. However, they are not allowed to interfere with daily running of the school and curriculum management,” said the department.

The following stakeholders can be elected onto the SGB:

  • Parents of learners at the school
  • Educators at the school
  • Members of staff at the school who are not educators
  • Learners in secondary school

SGB election process

The election process begins with a nomination meeting of each stakeholder. This is followed by an election meeting of each stakeholder which requires a 15% quorum. Voting by secret ballot is held if there are more nominees than the required numbers.

However, if there is a required number per stakeholder, they are considered as duly elected.

Elections are managed by the Department of Education assisted by IEC and Corruption Watch. The Department appoints school electoral officers at the school, district and provincial level.

The electoral officers are charged with running the elections assisted by electoral teams at the school district and provincial level. SGB associations observe elections to ensure they are free and fair.

Any voter can declare a dispute with the presiding officer if they are not satisfied with the outcome. It is then incumbent on the presiding officer to resolve the dispute. Anyone not satisfied with the decision of the Electoral Officer can escalate the matter to the District Electoral Officer.

The SGB will elect office bearers such as the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer at its first meeting convened by the school Principal. The Principal cannot hold a position in the SGB, but serves in an ex-officio position.

Information regarding the SGB Elections will be distributed through; school assemblies, school newsletters, door-to-door knock and drop by GDE officials, loud hailing, pamphlets and radio adverts.

“We urge parents to look out for our teams who will be deployed for blitz and distribution of SGB information at identified hotspots,” said the department. –

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