Gauteng officially lifts water restrictions

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Vaal River

Pretoria – The Department of Water and Sanitation has officially lifted water restrictions in Gauteng.

The department announced on Monday that it has published in a government gazette the lifting of water restrictions in Gauteng.

The department said that the lifting of the water restrictions follows the recent rains that flowed into the Integrated Vaal River System, consisting of 14 dams which mainly serve Gauteng.

“The Integrated Vaal River System has been increasing week on week and was at 95.9% as per the readings dated 06 March. The Gauteng municipalities within the Rand Water area of supply, will be affected by the lifting of the restrictions.

“Other smaller towns such as Potchefstroom, Standerton and third party users supplied via the Vaal River Eastern Sub-System Augmentation Project and Usutu sub-system will also no longer have restrictions imposed,” the department said in statement.

The lifting of the water restrictions on urban and irrigation purposes within the Integrated Vaal River System was effective as of Monday.

The department however, warned that whilst Gauteng has had positive outcomes from the recent rains, South Africa remains in a drought as well as a water scarce country.

The department urged all water users to continue to use water sparingly and inculcate the culture of saving water. –

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