Gauteng e-toll registration increases

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pretoria - Motorists are registering in large numbers before the Gauteng e-toll roads system kicks in on 30 April.

The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) said it had experienced a significant increase in e-toll account registration for Gauteng e-roads at its customer service centres across the province.

In a statement, SANRAL said most of these registrations have taken place at e-toll customer service outlets in selected shopping malls. It is also anticipated this number will increase as the e-toll commencement date draws closer.

SANRAL is still encouraging road users to become e-toll ready by registering for their e-toll account within the next two weeks.

While the e-toll customer service outlets are conveniently placed in areas where people usually do their normal shopping, SANRAL has reminded road users that it is equally convenient to register by visiting the SANRAL website at or by contacting the e-toll call centre on 0800 SANRAL (726 725).

Bulk registration for 50 or more e-toll accounts can also be made by contacting the e-toll call centre.

Over the past few weeks, SANRAL has undertaken a number of tests to ensure the system is ready for toll commencement on 30 April. This includes live testing of the e-toll billing system and testing of the e-tags. This is part of the preparation to ensure that invoices are processed properly when e-tolling goes live.

Road users have the option of having their vehicle recognised with a Vehicle Licence Plate Number (VLN) or an e-tag on the Gauteng e-road.

Registered Gauteng e-road users, who have an e-tag fitted on their vehicle, will be eligible for all the discounts available to e-tag users, including the 48 percent e-tag discount and frequent user discount.

Road users can opt for the pre-paid e-toll account, which works in the same way as a pre-paid cell phone account.

With this option, road users can top up their e-toll account either by visiting an e-toll customer service outlet or via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

In both cases, road users are not required to provide their banking details.

Special arrangements have been put in place for obtaining the e-tags and registering an e-toll account for fleets and groups of 50 or more. Details are available from the e-toll website.

All e-toll account holders can manage their e-toll account online through the e-toll website where they will be able to view and print all transactions.