Gauteng depts to clamp down on unlicensed vehicles

Friday, May 29, 2009

Johannesburg - Gauteng's departments of Community Safety and Public Transport and Roads are embarking on a campaign to recall all unlicensed vehicles in the province.

Speaking at a media briefing on Thursday, Safety and Security MEC Khabisi Mosunkutu said an audit conducted by the National Traffic Information System (eNaTIS) showed that of the 3.8 million vehicles on the province's roads, 427 000 were unlicensed and illegally on the roads.

"This figure includes vehicles whose roadworthy licenses are in arrears. Whilst we contemplate culprits as defaulters with the credit bureau, we urge defaulting motorists to contact us for assistance," the MEC said.

As part of the campaign, motorists with unlicensed vehicles will be fined and have their vehicles impounded.

MEC Mosunkutu also announced that his department will be focusing on crimes of terror such as car hijackings, bank and business robberies.

"We have noticed an increase of organised brutal criminal activities especially related to truck and other vehicle hijackings.

"We also know of organised criminals specialising in bank and business robberies," said MEC Mosunkutu.

In a bid to ensure that these crimes are dealt with effectively, MEC Mosunkutu said support would be increased to maintain the recently initiated Rapid Response Team with additional vehicles. Currently, the team has about 100 vehicles.

MEC Mosunkutu said they also envisage increasing the number of CCTV cameras to enable the team to work more efficiently in curbing the crimes.

"The culprits must know that they actually are dicing away their livelihood and risk long jail terms," he said.

He also warned those who hijack buildings in the city that this would not be tolerated.

"These bandits illegally take over buildings from rightful owners and illegally charge tenants, we need to let them know that we know who there are and their days are also numbered," the MEC said.

Touching on the ongoing taxi related violence, the MEC warned those who were involved: "I want to warn the perpetrators that their time is up."