Gauteng committed to clean governance

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Gauteng Provincial Government is committed to strengthening clean governance and enhancing integrity in the Gauteng City Region, says MEC for Roads and Transport MEC Ismail Vadi.

“This commitment is clearly evident in the establishment by the Premier of a civil society-led Ethics Advisory Council, which will provide expert advice on strategies to fight against corruption, exercise oversight over the Provincial Cabinet and hold it accountable for its actions or inaction on governance matters,” MEC Vadi said.

Addressing an Anti-Corruption Indaba in Johannesburg on Tuesday, he said the provincial government takes the firm view that it is the responsibility of each and every citizen to contribute to the fight against fraud, corruption and unethical conduct.

“This is a multi-stakeholder challenge requiring multi-sectoral collaboration and solutions. This Indaba is an important step in mobilising a wide array of forces in society to combat corruption and to promote integrity and ethics in our public life,” MEC Vadi said.

He said it is important to recognise that integrity is a personality trait that everyone should inculcate in their lives.

“Having integrity means being honest and acting in accordance with strong moral and ethical principles.

“What is extremely worrying is that there is a growing and widespread public perception – rightly or wrongly - that corruption is systemic in our body politic. This calls for urgent and collective action on our part,” MEC Vadi said. –