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Monday, August 21, 2017

The Government of Flanders has allocated 25 million Euros to the Third Country Strategy Paper (CSP III), which is expected to contribute towards job opportunities in the country.

“We are certainly excited about this funding, and believe that over and above the job opportunities to be created in the green economy space, the funding will make contribution towards the implementation of the National Climate Change Response policy,” Minister of Environmental Affairs Dr Edna Molewa said.

On Monday, the Minister and Minister-President of Flanders Geert Bourgeois jointly signed the Declaration of Intent for the implementation of the Third Country Strategy Paper (CSP III) on Development Cooperation between the two governments.

The joint declaration of intent was signed in Pretoria on Monday.

The third country strategy paper is the product of a joint consultation process between the Governments of South Africa and Flanders which resulted in an agreement that the CSP III will focus on climate change adaptation. 

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister Molewa said the funding will make a contribution to South Africa’s transition to an environmentally sustainable, climate resilient, low carbon development pathway and a just society as envisioned in the National Development (NDP).

“Furthermore, the funding will undoubtedly propel the implementation of the NDP, particularly on matters relating to climate change and sustainability,” she said.

The strategy will be implemented over a period of five years (2017 – 2021).

Minister-President Gourgeois said climate change is a huge challenge, especially to its partnering country, South Africa.

“That is why we want to use our Flemish knowledge, research and development to cooperate in different fields as innovation, social economy and circular economy in order to align with the new Agenda 2030 on sustainable development.

“This can be done by creating sustainable employment opportunities but also by informing and training people how to adapt to the effects of climate change in their daily life and the environment they live in,” he said.

The overall objective of CSP III is to contribute to the evidence base for climate change adaptation as a means for advancing South Africa’s transition to a climate resilient society and an inclusive adaptive green economy.

In this way, the CSP III will also contribute towards addressing South Africa’s triple challenge of poverty, inequality and unemployment as well as the reduction of risk and vulnerabilities associated with climate change.

“The CSP III will also foster active participation of multiple actors of government, civil society, private sector, academia, multilateral organisations and local communities on climate change adaptation.

“The programme will furthermore contribute to the realisation of the two governments’ respective commitments to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Paris Agreement,” the department said.

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and the National Treasury were involved in discussions towards finalising CSPIII.

The process was led by the National Treasury as the custodian of Official Development Assistance (ODA) arrangements in the country.

The Programme Steering Committee (PSC) consisting of the National Treasury, DEA and Government of Flanders has been established to oversee the implementation of CSPIII and also to ensure that Government priorities are met. –


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