With freedom, comes great responsibility

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pretoria - The strength of freedom rests on the level of responsibility that accompanies it, says the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

In a message issued in celebration of South Africa’s 23rd anniversary of Freedom Day, the foundation said the day is the most opportune time to reflect on the exact nature of freedom in the South African context.

“As we celebrate one of South Africa’s greatest milestones in our journey to emancipation, we must examine ourselves as society and ask the question: are we being responsible?,” asked the foundation of the country’s first democratic president.

It said South Africa still has a long walk to freedom, as it records the biggest inequality gap in the world, with 2.2 million South Africans missing a meal a day and 1 in 15 children dying before their fifth birthday due to malnutrition.

The foundation called on South Africans to use the 23 years’ celebration to reflect on how each individual is personally responsible for being part of the South African solution.

It said everyone has it in them to extend a hand and restore dignity in a neighbour’s life and contribute to combatting systemic exclusion. - SAnews.gov.za



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