Free State says no to attacks on foreign nationals

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pretoria - Free State Premier Ace Magashule has joined President Jacob Zuma and South African citizens in strongly condemning violent attacks on foreign nationals.

“We are all Africans, irrespective of the country of origin as prescribed by the borders that ascribe nationality and citizenship. 

“It is imperative that we label activities of criminals as nothing else but criminal, because the loving people of our country have co-existed since time in memorial with their fellow African brothers and sisters without any reported elements such as [these incidents]…” said Premier Magashule.

The Premier said although there are no reported acts of violence against foreign nationals in the Free State, residents and provincial government must get involved in government’s action plan to curb the attacks.

He encouraged everyone to take a firm stand against the attacks.

“As part of our quest to build a better Africa and a better peaceful world, we have to start at home to raise awareness and educate our people… [We have to] engage in open dialogue that addresses the concerns of the nationals of the Republic as well as the concerns of foreign nationals,” said Premier Magashule.    

He said Free State residents appreciate that ubuntu has no borders and understand that migration for various reasons has been happening for as long as the existence of mankind.

“It is therefore imperative on the citizens of our country to join efforts and act to stop [the violence] because it is eroding the essence of our humanity,” said Premier Magashule. -