FNB customers can now Tata ma Chance via cellphone, ATM

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Midrand - First National Bank (FNB) customers can now Tata ma Chance and play the national lottery using their cellphones, the ATM machine or by using online banking.

Lotto operator Gidani, together with FNB, made the announcement on Wednesday.

Gidani Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Bongani Khumalo said players using these three methods to play the lotto will save time and ensure player protection.

"The use of banking channels will not only make it more convenient to play the lottery, it will also enhance player protection, responsible play, privacy, accessibility, time economy and management of winnings and other related financial resources," said Mr Khumalo.

Gidani is currently in talks with other banks to implement this mechanism.

Although the cellphone and online banking methods are already in place for FNB customers, players who wish to use the ATMs have to wait until 11 August.

Customers using cellphones to play the lotto will have to select the "Lotto" option from the cellphone banking menu. The menu will then give them two options namely "Play Lotto" or "Play QuickPick".

Customers will then be asked to select from their savings or cheque account as well as the number of boards from which they can select their lucky numbers.

Each board representing the conventional lotto grid will cost R3.50, the same as a normal ticket purchased at a lotto outlet.

Thereafter, customers will have to confirm all details of the ticket and accept terms and conditions. Lotto numbers will then be sent automatically to the player via an sms.

For online banking, customers will be asked to login with their username and password. They will then be required to select the "Play Lotto" or "Play QuickPick" option.

Customers will thereafter have to choose the number of interactive boards at a cost of R3.50 each to play their lucky numbers.

Players will have to confirm all details of the ticket and accept terms and conditions as well as enter a one-time-pin that will be sent to their cellphone. Customers can then print or download their lotto ticket.

For the ATM option, FNB customers will be required to insert their bank cards and pin number. Customers will then have to select more options from their express options menu.

Players will then have to select "Buy it Pay It" on the main menu and then select "QuickPick Lotto".

Players will have to accept terms and conditions to proceed. Customers will then have to select either "Lotto" or "Lotto Plus". After which they will be given the option to select the number of boards to play their lucky numbers.

Players will also need to select the type of account they wish to be debited from; thereafter they will be given a receipt of their lotto numbers.

Gidani has made sure that all governance aspects, rules legislative considerations as well as license provisions have been taken into account.

Bankers under the age of 18, will effectively be excluded from this new mechanism as the technology will make it possible to immediately identify the player.

Mr Khumalo added that daily limits of how many tickets will be sold to individuals will also be imposed.

According to FNB Chief Executive Officer of Mobile and Transact solutions Lan Pieenaar, players will not be charged for playing the lotto by using these three mechanisms.

"There will be no charges on any of the channels - although depending on the channel used, to access each mechanism, there may be a connectivity charge," Mr Pieenaar said.

Lottery winnings would be directly deposited into the winner's bank account with an exception that should a large amount be won, the winner would be notified to come to the regulator's office.