Few hours left for parties to submit candidate lists, deposits

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Nthambeleni Gabara

Pretoria - Political parties, who want to contest the May 7 general election, have until 5pm to submit their candidate lists and deposits to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

The period for submission of candidate lists, supporting documentation and election deposits ends at 5pm today.

Political organisations who have already submitted their candidate lists and deposits, include the African National Congress, Democratic Alliance, Africa Unite Party, African People’s Convention, Minority Front, Vryheidsfront Plus, United Christian Democratic Party, Ubumbano Lwesiwe Sabangoni, Sindawonye Progressive Party, Al Jama-ah, South African Progressive Civic Organization, Inkatha Freedom Party and National Freedom Party.

Parties contesting the election of the National Assembly may submit regional lists and national list or just regional lists.

Those contesting the provincial elections must submit a list of candidates for each provincial election.

The lists of candidates may not exceed the number of seats in the respective legislative bodies. For example, the number of candidates on the national list of the National Assembly must not exceed 200, as this is the number of seats reserved for the national list allocation.

There will be no opportunity to supplement the lists of candidates following the declaration of results.

In the event that a party wins more seats than the number of candidates on their list, such extra unallocated seats will be forfeited.

Parties contesting all elections will therefore submit 19 lists (one national, nine regional and nine provincial).

The candidate lists and documentation will be available for inspection by the public, political parties and other interested stakeholders at the national office of the IEC from 28 - 31 March.

Anyone wishing to lodge an objection against a candidate is required to do so in writing to the IEC not later than 1 April. They are also required to serve a notice of objection on the party concerned.

Deposit to contest the elections

The deposit for parties contesting the National Assembly is R200 000 (up from R180 000 in the previous election), while parties contesting provincial legislatures will pay R45 000 (up from R40 000) per provincial election.

A party contesting the national and all provincial elections will therefore be required to pay a deposit of R605 000. These rates were last increased in 2009.

Parties need only win one seat in the National Assembly or in a provincial legislature to get their deposit back. - SAnews.gov.za

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