Eskom Trillian deadline today

Friday, September 1, 2017

Power utility Eskom has until end of business today to heed Minister of Public Enterprises, Lynne Brown’s instruction to clarify its business association with Trillian Capital Holdings.

Eskom was initially supposed to submit this report on Thursday but the Minister extended the deadline, saying she wanted additional information.

“The Minister … has asked Eskom Board to provide her with particular documents relating to its business association with Trillian, and extended the deadline for the tabling of its report on the matter until end of business tomorrow,” her office said on Thursday afternoon.

The Minister’s instruction follows Eskom's claim in June that transactions between Trillian and consultancy firm McKinsey were all above board. However, it is reported a New York-based company red flagged these payments and recommended a legal review.

The company is reportedly linked to the controversial Gupta family.

“The Minister will seek an urgent opinion on the report from a senior counsel on the contents of the report and advise on particular actions in relation to the report,” the Department of Public Enterprises said.

The Minister has committed to communicate developments to South Africans. -

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