Dti warns of liquor licence scam

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pretoria - The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) has warned potential liquor traders about a fraudulent liquor licensing scam.

The scam is largely operational in the Tshwane area, said the department on Wednesday.

"The modus operandi used by consultants who issue fraudulent certificates/licences deceive prospective applicants after they had paid exorbitant registration fees into believing that they will receive registration certificates within two days or a week.

"The consultants would however provide the prospective registrant with a fraudulent registration certificate," the department explained.

It added that for prospective liquor licence holders, the minimum waiting period to receive registration is 120 working days with standard and regulated fees for applications applying.

Authentic registration certificates issued by the Department's National Liquor Authority (NLA) have easily identifiable security features.

"If a registrant has used the services of a consultant, the registrant is expected to be in possession of the original copy of the registration certificate," said the department.

Registration forms as well as fee structures are available on the department's website www.thedti.gov.za. Guidance is also available for applicants is also available at the call centre 0861 843 384.

"Members of the public are warned that trading without a valid registration certificate is a criminal offence," said the department.

Traders who are in doubt of the validity of their registration certificates are urged to contact the NLA on (012) 394 1654.