Don't delay taking your COVID-19 vaccine, Deputy President urges

Friday, October 1, 2021

Deputy President David Mabuza has called on every South African to stop delaying getting their COVID-19 vaccine but move with speed as government ramps up its rollout programme.

“We're yearning to come back to our empty stadiums. It is, therefore, in our collective interests to call to action every eligible South African to stop procrastinating and to prioritise getting vaccinated against the virus,” Mabuza said.

According to the Deputy President, vaccines are the only hope to increase chances to “return to play” and unlock the full potential of the sporting and creative economies.

Mabuza was speaking on Friday during the Vooma Vaccination Weekend campaign launch in the North West, Bojanala Platinum District.

The campaign is heeding President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for every Minister, Premier and Mayor to convene at least one prominent event in every district in the country to support and encourage people to vaccinate against Coronavirus.


Mabuza called on citizens to debunk misconceptions surrounding lifesaving vaccines.

“We must dispel dangerous myths and false conspiracy theories about the efficacy of vaccines, which unfortunately contributes to vaccine hesitancy, then subsequently, loss of life.”

He told the community that vaccines have proven to be credible in all previous pandemics and the only solution to save lives.

“The route we're taking on vaccinating the nation is the same route that we all took when we vaccinated against measles, polio, smallpox, chickenpox and other diseases. Therefore, vaccines are no stranger to us.”

Saving lives

While the number of hospital admissions and deaths is on the decline, the Deputy President said there is still a long way to reach 70% of the adult population by December 2021.

As of Thursday, the country distributed 17 505 358 COVID-19 doses, which translates to 12 569 620 vaccinated adults out of almost the 40 million government is targeting. 

Mabuza said reaching this milestone could save 20 000 lives, which could be lost during the anticipated fourth wave.

According to the Deputy President, government is working towards the return to sporting and creative industry spaces as well as other economic activities.

“Just imagine that in a few days, we will be playing Ethiopia in the second round of the World Cup qualifier that will be played in an empty stadium.”

He also urged artists and athletes to use their influence to encourage every eligible citizen to be vaccinated.


In addition, he told the people that government has secured enough vaccines.

“It is in our hands to reverse and transcend the Coronavirus tidal wave.”

By opening up the economy, the Deputy President said South Africa would be able to embark on a sustainable path of economic recovery and reconstruction, which will increase efforts to fight poverty, unemployment and inequality.

“There is no reason for panic and fear. Taking the vaccine is the right thing to do,” Mabuza said. –