Deputy President rejects fake suggestions of his resignation

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pretoria – Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has rejected the spread of falsehood and misinformation that he has resigned from his official position as the Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa.
“There is no truth to the dissemination of this falsehood,” the Presidency said in a statement on Saturday.
The Presidency said the Deputy President Ramaphosa remains in his position as Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa and that of the ruling party.
“We reiterate his view that he will remain in government to serve the people in the realisation of the national objective of pushing back the frontiers of poverty, unemployment and inequality.”
In this regard Deputy President Ramaphosa on Friday 31 March 2017, in Bloemfontein, said: “…I am staying to serve our people in government. I made my views known. There are quite a number of other colleagues and comrades who are unhappy about this situation, particularly the removal of the Minister of Finance who was serving the country with absolute distinction, with great ability, and he has proven that he is a talented person…” –

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