Department to reimburse private vaccination sites inoculating uninsured patients

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Department of Health has clarified the issue regarding reimbursing uninsured patients vaccinated against COVID-19 at private vaccination sites.

The department said in an effort to accelerate the vaccination programme across the country, both uninsured and insured people will be allocated to the most appropriate site, whether it is a private or public site.

“In accordance with the Sales and Distribution Agreement, the principle has been agreed that the National Department of Health will reimburse the private sites for the administration of vaccinations to uninsured people, including uninsured walk-ins, provided they are registered on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS).

“The reimbursement will cover the service cost of administering the vaccine at a rate agreed to in the agreement, and a credit note will be issued to cover the cost of the vaccine.”

The National Department of Health and Medikredit are still finalising the mechanics through which reimbursement will be facilitated, the department said.

In the interim, the department has encouraged the private sites to proceed with vaccinating all uninsured, registered people over 50 years old and provided the assurance that they will be reimbursed once the mechanism has been finalised.

“The relevant records should be maintained to facilitate this,” it said. –