COVID-19 TERS fraud hotline launched

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

If you are aware of fraud, especially related to the distribution of monies to help workers through the worst effects of lockdown, now is your chance to blow the whistle and help bring fraudsters to book.

This was an invitation sent by Acting Commissioner of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), Marsha Bronkhorst, during the launch of fraud hotline platforms for clients and citizens to report all suspicious criminal activity related to the COVID-19 Temporary Employer-Employee Relief Scheme (COVID-19 TERS) and any other UIF fraud related matters.

Launched on Tuesday, the platforms are already up and running, and people can report, even anonymously if they like, in line with the Protected Disclosure Act.

Bronkhorst said that since the inception of COVID-19 TERS, the fund has been beset with a plethora of fraud allegations and complaints from clients and companies.

“I am therefore, urging anyone with information regarding any COVID-19 TERS fraud or any other UIF fraud related matter to report this to us without any delay. Whistle-blowers are encouraged to provide as much details as possible, such as the UIF reference number of the company, address, ID numbers concerned and contact details when reporting," said Bronkhorst.

She added that each case will be treated on its own merits and the turnaround time to finalise the allegation would vary depending on the complexity of the matter. 

The reporting platforms are available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year and in all 11 official languages.

Clients can use the following platforms to report COVID-19 TERS related fraud: Toll free number 0800 212 799 or SMS call-back on 30916 or email address to (link sends e-mail), or fax to email to 0867 26 1681.

Clients can also use telephone web app (link is external) or website (link is external).

For other UIF enquiries, clients can still contact the call centre on 080 003 0007 or visit their nearest labour centre. –

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