Corrupt Correctional Services officials must face the music - Lamola

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Justice and Correctional Services Minister, Ronald Lamola, says the department is working to ensure that errant and corrupt Correctional Services officials face the consequences of their actions.

Since the 2020/21 financial year, at least 94 Department of Correctional Services (DCS) officials have been dismissed since facing disciplinary action.

“We are fully aware that our work in Correctional Services will ring hallow if we do not instil a culture of consequence management. DCS is intensifying its campaign and processes to systematically and comprehensively prevent corruption and mismanagement, as well as ensure consequence management,” he said, briefing the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services on Tuesday.

During an appearance before the committee in November last year, Lamola said at least 64 cases of officials perpetrating corruption were concluded.

Lamola told the committee on Tuesday morning that vigilance is now being upped in correctional facilities.

“We hope to achieve this through tightening of management systems, increasing compliance with policy and controls, internal investigation and sanction, as well as referral to external law enforcement agencies where appropriate.

“No effort will be spare. Effective consequence management will be implemented. Those who fail to do what they get paid for will face the consequence of their actions,” Lamola said.

Self-sufficiency Model

The Minister told the committee that the department’s Self-sufficiency Model – which aims to make correctional facilities more independent – is beginning to bear fruit and save the department money.

“Through self-sufficiency, we have been able to take off items such as eggs and pork on our procurement lists in the past financial year. We will add more items to this list. Most of our management areas produce enough vegetables and bread for inmates’ rations. We will vigorously implement this programme so that we can continue saving millions for the fiscus like we did in the last financial year,” he said.

Lamola revealed that when devastating floods hit KwaZulu-Natal, the department contributed to relief efforts for those who were affected.

“Vegetables, eggs, meat, milk and bread, which were produced by inmates, were donated to needy families and these brought much needed relief to communities. The donation demonstrates that inmates can contribute positively towards society when given an opportunity.

“While inmates are incarcerated, the department encourages them to adopt a positive outlook towards life and to acquire skills. This enables them to contribute positively to the social and economic lives of society upon their release,” Lamola said –

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