Continue to recognise the rights of women – govt urges

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pretoria – As Women’s Month drew to a close on Saturday, government urged South Africans to continue recognising the rights of women in society.

Women’s month, held under the theme “A Centenary of Working Together towards Sustainable Women Empowerment and Gender Equality”, was a chance for South Africans to come together to celebrate the role women played in achieving democracy.

Women from the various strata of society were honoured for their contribution in their fight against gender inequalities.

Various departments showcased their programmes that are focused on women's emancipation. Over 20 events were arranged by the different departments to engage society and importantly to share with the public what we have achieved as a country.

Also during the month of August, the Department of Justice announced the opening of special Sexual Offences Courts so as to quicken the conviction of the perpetrators of these crimes.

“This women’s month enabled us to review how far we have come with regard to the emancipation and advancement of women in our society. It also afforded us as a nation to reflect on how far we still need to travel to finally reach an equal society in respect to gender,” said acting CEO of GCIS Phumla Williams on Saturday.

South Africa is today a democratic country where gender equality is a constitutional imperative. The Constitution recognises women as equal citizens, with equal rights and responsibilities.

Government, said Williams, remains committed to eradicating gender discrimination in society.

“Government wishes to thank all citizens who devoted their time in honouring women and the role they have played in ensuring we today are a non-racial and non-sexist democratic society. 

“Let us continue working together in addressing the challenges still faced by women in our country.”

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