Committee welcomes SAPS turnaround plan

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Portfolio Committee on Police has welcomed National Police Commissioner General Khehla Sitole’s turnaround strategy which focuses on SAPS crime intelligence and detection as drivers to effectively fight crime.

General Sitole on Friday appeared before the committee to answer questions on issues related to crime intelligence.

The new commissioner used the opportunity to outline his turnaround strategy for SAPS to the MPs. The strategy includes stamping the authority of the state by combating gangsterism; reclaiming communities which are seen as no-go areas for police; fighting organised crime, putting an end to police killings and the reintroduction of Operation Fiela to hotspots such as to KwaZulu-Natal, which is battling political killings.

He believes when implemented right, these strategies will reduce crime and protect the outcomes of the National Development Plan and the economy so that people will continue investing and making a difference.

Chairperson of the Committee, Francois Beukman, welcomed this strategy, adding that crime intelligence is the most potent weapon in the fight against crime.

The committee also welcomed the pronouncement that the police will institute lifestyle audits.

The new National Commissioner told the committee that the lifestyle audit process will begin as a project, with a future rollout across the system.

“The fight against fraud and corruption will be strengthened through these lifestyle audits,” Beukman said.

Furthermore, the committee welcomes the move to review the capacity of the vetting section of the SAPS and also supports the decision to vet all officers as a requirement for employment in the police service.

In future, SAPS has indicated that no police officer will be appointed or promoted unless they’ve been vetted.

The committee has instructed the SAPS to present a comprehensive progress report on the disciplinary cases against all officers in crime intelligence in January 2018.

The committee has also urged the National Commissioner to appoint the new Divisional Head of Crime Intelligence as a priority.  

Furthermore, the committee welcomes the announcement that the Deputy Commissioner of Crime Detection will be announced later today.

The committee has on numerous occasions highlighted the importance of an effective team to give guidance to the different police units. -

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