Call for employers to allow staff to vote

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pretoria - The Minister of Labour Mildred Oliphant has appealed to employers to respect the rights of their employees not to work on Election Day so that they may have a chance to exercise their right to vote.

South Africa takes to the polls on Wednesday, in the country’s fifth democratic elections.

“We urge all employers to allow their employees to exercise their right to vote as citizens of our country. The right to vote is a foundation for any democracy. It is a fundamental right that must be enjoyed and exercised by every citizen of our country,” said the minister on Monday.

She said the right to vote was guaranteed by the Constitution - the supreme law of the land.

Government commended those employers who have chosen not to trade on 7 May to ensure that their employees can cast their votes.

However, while recognising the employers’ right to trade, legislation has also been put in place to ensure that a worker’s right to choose not to work on a public holiday is also protected.

The Basic Conditions of Employment and the Public Holidays Acts play a key role in protecting this right, said the Department of Labour. –

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