Call to address unemployment by working together

Friday, September 22, 2017

Deputy Minister of Communications Tandi Mahambehlala has called on business, civil society and government to work together towards creating job and empowerment opportunities for communities that are experiencing high levels of unemployment and crime.

“Job creation and entrepreneurial development will help to manage or end these social ills,” Deputy Minister Mahambehlala said.

She was addressing the third annual Owami Women Play Your Part Recognition Awards on Thursday.

The Deputy Minister encouraged the women attending the awards to be bold and continuously contribute to the better development of the country.

“Our country is facing difficult times of women and child abuse; misogyny and patriarchy are rampant. It is imperative that we have such organisations as Owami who emphasise the need to recognise and have meaningful conversations, identify opportunities that acknowledge unity and strength in overcoming these social ills.

“Every case of abuse suffered by a child or woman reflects our collective failure to respond to the cries of the most vulnerable in our midst. It is in our hands and within our means to contribute to the fight against abuse of women and children,” she said.

The event recognises and celebrates South Africans who continue to make a positive contribution in their communities towards education, skills development and empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Owami Women is a not-for-profit organisation, with the sole purpose of developing and empowering women in South Africa through deep and meaningful conversations on key societal issues, the sharing of information, and networks among women in business and at home. –



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