Cabinet approves hosting of Commonwealth leadership conference

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pretoria - Cabinet has approved the hosting of the 2012 Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) Leadership Conference in South Africa.

Speaking at a post Cabinet briefing on Thursday, Cabinet spokesperson Jimmy Manyi noted that hosting the CAPAM conference in South Africa will maximise the sharing of good practices and lessons learned among public sector institutions in management and delivering of learning programmes for public servants.

"It will further promote the interchange of experts among public sector institutions through exchange programmes and work assignments post the conference, contributing to the sector knowledge base," Manyi said.

The conference will also promote collaboration in the design and refinement of new programmes, particularly in the areas of values, ethics, gender issues and cross cultural sensitivity to support the growth and encouragement of democratic governance.

A date for the conference is still to be announced.

Cabinet also noted that the International Geological Congress (IGC) will be hosted in South Africa from 27 August 2016 to 4 September 2016 in Cape Town.

Manyi said the hosting of the IGC will generate much needed renewed interest in the geology of South Africa and trigger innovation in earth sciences and mineral development. From August 2012, South Africa will also take over the role of Secretariat of the IGC Committee from Australia.

Cabinet has also approved the National Estuarine Management Protocol for public comment.

The Integrated Coastal Management Act (ICM Act) requires that estuaries of South Africa be managed in a co-ordinated and efficient manner and in accordance with the National Estuarine Management Protocol.

Manyi noted that the implementation of the protocol will assist in the integrated and efficient management of the estuarine of the Republic of South Africa.

"Estuaries are among the most productive biological ecosystems in the world. They are the focal points for communities and business activities along the coast as they provide a wide range of goods and services."