Cabinet: Announcement to be made at an "appropriate time"

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

President Cyril Ramaphosa says an announcement regarding changes to the National Executive will be made at an appropriate time.

“On the matter of the composition of Cabinet, an announcement will be made by the President at the appropriate time,” he said, replying to the debate on his maiden State of the Nation Address in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

A number of speakers during the debate had welcomed the decision to institute a review of the configuration, number and size of national government departments, as alluded to by President Ramaphosa during his State of the Nation Address on Friday night.

“Changes of this nature need to be well considered. They should be evidence based and should not be made in haste. This review, which we expect to take several months, will be based on a thorough analysis of the suitability and cost of the existing configuration.

“It will involve broad consultation so that the views of a broad range of stakeholders are considered and so that South Africans understand the rationale for the decisions that will ultimately be made,” said the President.

He spoke out against some of the comments made about members of the Executive. “Whatever views one might hold about members of Cabinet, this does not justify in any way the kind of character assassination and insults we have heard.”

Tackling corruption

President Ramaphosa said it was time to implement the resolutions regarding conducting lifestyle audits of all people who occupy positions of responsibility, starting with members of the Executive.

“The work we must undertake to tackle corruption and state capture has, quite correctly, featured prominently in the debate… As we indicated in the State of the Nation Address, we are equally determined to tackle corruption and other economic crimes in the private sector.” –

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