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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Public Service and Administration Minister, Ayanda Dlodlo, says public administration has to go beyond national boundaries and have a global reach to deal with global governance and administrative and public policy challenges.

The Minister was speaking on Tuesday at the Fifth General Assembly of the Association of African Public Services Commissions (AAPSComs), held under the theme: “Building and strengthening the capacity of Public Service Commissions to meet the challenges of public administration and service delivery in Africa.

She said the ideals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals should inspire governments to work harder to build the credibility of state institutions, to better serve communities.

Minister Dlodlo said the AAPSComs must play an instrumental role in contributing towards the effectiveness of the public service across the continent.

“If we were to take the argument that effective service delivery is the outcome of good governance, which can best be promoted through sound oversight, we would be on the right track towards an efficient and accountable public service,” the Minister said.

The continent, the Minister said, has made significant progress in the area of good governance.

“A number of countries in Africa are also playing more important roles in the allocation of funds towards health and education and these actions are resulting in significant improvements in child mortality, primary enrolment rates and access to life-saving medicines,” Minister Dlodlo said.

She said in moving forward, focus lies in the building of capable states, endowed with transparent, accountable political and economic systems, and efficient public institutions to provide an enabling environment for all stakeholders to play their respective roles in efforts to consolidate the foundations of sustainable development.

AAPSComs was established on 9 April 2008 at the Speke Resort and Conference Centre in Kampala, Uganda.

The purpose of the Association is to collaborate, share experiences and best practices among Public Service Commissions in order to promote good governance and improve service delivery in the public services of the continent. –


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