Brand SA congratulates matric Class of 2013

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Johannesburg - Brand South Africa has congratulated the Class of 2013 on their improved results and welcomed this as a positive contribution to the long terms development of South Africa.

Brand South Africa CEO, Miller Matola said: “We congratulate the class of 2013 on their improved results as well as the teachers and parents who have played their part to support our learners to do best. 

“The improvement in the overall national pass rate and particularly in maths bodes well for the creation of a knowledge economy. We are also pleased that the number of learners who will be able to enter university has increased”.

He said the National Development Plan clearly states that education, training and innovation are central to South Africa’s long-term development. They are core elements in alleviating poverty and reducing inequality. 

“Education enables each child to have an equal opportunity to do what they are best at. The 2013 matric results indicate that South Africa is on the right trajectory to achieving this.

“As students, parents and teachers prepare for the 2014 academic year, we need to remember that it is the responsibility of parents and communities to play their part and support their children to ensure that they remain focused throughout the year.

“It is also the responsibility of teachers to inspire and assist students to do best at school and beyond,” Matola said.

“The ultimate responsibility of success lies with you, the learner. It is vital that learners recognise that education provides the opportunity for them to discover their full potential. Do not be afraid to set your own goals and aspire to meet each one!”

Learners who did not succeed in passing their matric examinations should not be discouraged, they should try again or register for the supplementary examinations.

Remember the words of Nelson Mandela when he said: “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do,” said Matola. –


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