ANC promises citizens first-class service

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pretoria - South Africans can expect first-class services, tailored to their own expectations and needs in all African National Congress (ANC) led municipalities across the country.

Speaking to BuaNews at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Results Operation Centre, the ANC's head of elections, Jessie Duarte said the party would expecting more from the newly elected councilors.

"As the ANC, we want to re-engineer our service delivery process in order to make them more citizen oriented and as a result, we will be expecting more from our newly elected councilors.

"We want to see strong, visible and accountable councils. We want to build on the record investment in local government, so that our people can expect first-class services, tailored to their own expectations and needs," she said.

Duarte said while they would be expecting a high degree of discipline from their councilors, they will deliver services to all citizens, despite who they might have voted for.

While the IEC is still capturing the few remaining results, the ANC has already won 167 councils and 4 859 seats across the country.

"As the ANC, we predicted that we will get between 63 and 64 percent. We want to assure our people that we will never disappoint them in terms of rendering efficient services," she said.

Duarte said that all their councilors will be working closely with communities to ensure that they regularly give residents feedback.

Acting deputy general-secretary, of the besieged Congress of the People (Cope) Lyndall Shope-Mafole said: "We will always stick to our identity which is reliability, accountability and incorruptibility.

"To remain reliable to our voters, we will never promise them things that we will never be able to deliver, but should we fail to honour our promises, it would be communicated with the people.

"We will be accountable to our electorate by holding regular meetings with our communities as another way of deepening our transparency. We are not going to tolerate any form of corrupt activity by our councilors."

The Secretary-General of the African People Convention (APC), Magaret Arnolds said citizens should expect to work with accountable and transparent APC councilors.

"In order to be accountable to our people, we will hold regular meetings every three months with our communities with the view of walking with them on issues of service delivery.

"At the APC, we will work on the mandate we received from the people which include bringing development in their respective areas, access to electricity, water, sanitation and housing," she said.

The Democratic Alliance has so far won 17 councils and 1299 seats, followed by Cope with 196 seats, the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) with 28 seats, while the APC has 22 seats.

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