Acting Minister calls for speedy investigation into Daveyton incident

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pretoria – The Acting Minister of Police, Dr Siyabonga Cwele has called for a speedy investigation, possible arrest and prosecution of the police officers that were involved in the death of Mido Macia in Daveyton.

Cwele has, on behalf of the entire police leadership, management and staff conveyed condolences to the family of Macia.

“All police officers have a duty to fight crime and those who are not worthy of wearing our badge and uniform, must know that they have no place within SAPS.  We view this incident in serious light and we would want to see stern action taken against those involved. 

“We want stern action so that it may send a message to other officers that any untoward conduct will not be tolerated,” said the acting minister.

He welcomed the announcement by National Police Commissioner General Riah Phiyega that all police officers that were involved in the incident have been suspended and disarmed. The Station Commander of Daveyton Police Station has also been removed.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) has been tasked to act speedily but thoroughly to ensure that those implicated and found to have been responsible, are accordingly punished.

Cwele said society “needed to know what you do so that they can begin to know what steps to follow when confronted by challenges like police brutality”.

“They also need to know that when they report such cases, that they will be thoroughly investigated and that the perpetrators will receive the harshest sentences. Equally police officers who abuse their authorities must know that they will not succeed in their criminal conduct."

He called for calm within the Daveyton community in light of this incident, saying that whilst understanding the anger and frustrations of the community members, this incident should not derail the cooperation and working together between police and the community.

“The philosophical orientation of our goal is to realise that the South African Police Service is one of the most central of all the institutions of the democratic state; which is charged and is responsible for guaranteeing the stability and the consolidation of our democracy.

“What this philosophy means is that, our police officers must be seen and see themselves as guardians of human rights generally and the Constitution in particular.  When society gets affected by crime, they need to have hope that police will do their best to protect them,” said Cwele.

Cwele is the Minister of State Security but is currently Acting Minister of Police while Nathi Mthethwa is on official leave. –