Matrics anxiously await first paper

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pretoria - With less than an hour to go before matrics sit for the Electrical Technology paper, learners in Pretoria are anxiously waiting to go into their exam halls.

While some felt confident of their preparations over the last year, many were trying to squeeze in some last minute revision.

A visibly nervous, Nthabiseng Masemone, a learner at Pretoria Technical High School said while she had studied hard she was not 100 percent ready for the paper.

"I don't feel as ready as I should be. I have studied but I feel there's still too much to go through. But I will just pull my head down and recall what I have studied," the 18-year-old told BuaNews during the visit to the school.

Another matriculant, Gift Rantau said he just wanted to write this subject and "get it over and done with".

"I am prepared, but you never know what to expect once you get inside," he said.

Sibonga Zulu, 18, was confident that he would get an A symbol for Electrical Technology. "I have studied very hard and I think it will pay-off in the end. Although I didn't sleep very much last night, I'm confident that I will get A."

Another Pretoria learner, Charmaine Booi was optimistic about the exam, saying she was expecting to do well. "I have heard that the trial examinations were difficult but for me they were not that hard so I should do well."

Charmaine was concerned about one subject, however, she was pleased that the exam dates were spaced out to allow more time to study in between subjects.

The exams will kick off on Monday with learners sitting for Electronic Technology as well as German, Portuguese, Hebrew, first and second additional languages.

In the afternoon, matrics will sit for Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil, Telegu, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, first and second additional languages as well as a two and half hour Latin paper.