Gauteng political parties to sign IEC Code of Conduct

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Johannesburg - Candidates from various political parties in Gauteng are expected to make a public pledge to uphold and comply with the Electoral Code of Conduct on Wednesday.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in Gauteng will on Wednesday convened a two day seminar aimed at promoting political tolerance as dictated by the electoral code of conduct where the parties are expected to make the pledge.

The Electoral Code of Conduct is enacted as part of the Electoral Act of 1998 in order to create electoral conditions consistent with the values of the Constitution.

Parties and candidates undertake to abide by the Code of Conduct when they submit their party lists and nominations and by signing the Code of Conduct they publicly commit themselves to uphold it.

By making this pledge, political parties will ensure that participation in the political process must be based on mutual respect, tolerance and the recognition of the rights of participating political parties.

Political parties contesting the 2009 General Elections will also be accepting that South African citizens will be able to cast their ballots in a peaceful environment when the signed the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Similar seminars will be held around the country in the run up to the general elections which are expected to take place on 22 April.