Freedom Day

South Africa celebrates Freedom Day annually on the 27 April and the theme for this year is “The year of OR Tambo: Together deepening democracy and building safer and crime-free communities”.  

The celebrations coincide with the centenary of the late President and national Chairperson of the ANC, Mr Oliver Reginald Tambo, an international icon and hero of the South African liberation struggle.

Freedom Day recognises and celebrates the strides that have been made since 1994, and acknowledges that South Africa is a far better society than it was under apartheid.  It is also a period of reflection on what else needs to be done collectively towards the goal of building a prosperous society and improving the quality of life for all.

The National Freedom Day event will be held on Thursday, 27 April 2017 at Manguzi, the Thengani A Grounds, uMhlabuyalingana Local Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal. President Jacob Zuma will deliver the keynote address.

All South Africans are urged to join the celebrations either at uMhlabuyalingana or in their communities, as we remember that our freedom was not free, it was hard earned.  There was struggle and bloodshed, and for this reason our freedom needs to be cherished and protected. In remembering the life of Chris Hani, we should recall that his assassination triggered the Multi-Party Negotiating Forum to finally set a date for South Africa's first democratic election on the 27th April 1994.

Government calls on all citizens to join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #FreedomDay and share their ideas of the South Africa they envisage to live in and show how they are willing to contribute to make it a better country for all its citizens.

Follow the conversation on social media: #FreedomDay or #FreedomMonth for updates on the proceedings on Freedom Day.

Speeches, statements and advisories:
President Jacob Zuma leads Freedom Day celebrations in Manguzi
, 27 April
Government on 2017 Freedom Day celebrations
, 23 April

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