Hoёrskool Pretoria Wes resumes schooling

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Gauteng Education Department has confirmed that learning and teaching at Hoёrskool Pretoria Wes has this morning resumed as per normal.

This follows the disruption of learning and teaching on Friday, where learners, demanded the incorporation of skinny pants into school uniform.

The department’s officials were dispatched to the school this morning. The officials confirmed that the protest emanated from two unruly learners who transgressed the code of conduct regarding uniform.

“Following a disciplinary process, the learners received a sanction of a 7-day suspension. Their seven days lapsed on Thursday, wherein they began to coerce other learners to force the school to allow them to wear skinny pants; hence, the said disruption on Friday.”

However, the department said it is encouraging that the grade 12 learners were allowed to write their pre-trial examination.

Two learners also created a peer group on WhatsApp, which excluded the RCL, who have since joined to monitor the group.

The SGB has also decided to call a parents meeting to discuss the matter further and in the interim, the school code of conduct remains in place. However, the department said no learner must be denied access to education.

The department has condemned the action of the learners in the strongest terms and urges all learners to use available structures at all times, to raise issues of concern, and not resort to disrupting school.

It has appealed to leaners to refrain from illegal protests and other such activities, as their future depends on education.

The department’s MEC said it is unfortunate and disappointing, that the department is distracted by what it regards as petty issues, which should not be a priority.

“Our focus is on enhancing the quality of education, which is performance driven, we are preoccupied by pre-trial examinations and preparations for final examinations.” - SAnews.gov.za

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