Hawk’s eye on Goodwood prison after warder stabbing

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Authorities are closely monitoring the situation at Goodwood Correctional Facility after a stabbing incident that left two warders seriously injured.

The warders were stabbed on Monday by an offender while they were unlocking a cell in order to prepare daily meals for the offenders at about 8am. 

“It is believed that the incident is gang-related. The two warders were rushed to nearby N1 City hospital, where they were treated for injuries and they were later discharged and are recovering at home. 

“Statements received from other inmates revealed that the offender, who had been transferred from St. Albans in Port Elizabeth, had bragged that he was a general of the 28s gang,” the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) said in a statement. 

The inmate then immediately went on to prove his claims, stabbing the officials who had opened the cells for offenders to have their breakfast. 

Police have opened a criminal case and are still investigating the incident. The culprit was isolated from the rest of the offender population and is currently incarcerated in a single cell. 

In another incident, an offender had boiling water thrown at him in a nearby cell after a fight had broken out between members of the 26s and 28s gangs.

The offender was rushed to hospital for medical treatment. 

On 18 January this year, four correctional officials had to be rushed to hospital after they had boiling water thrown at them by offenders while they were conducting a search operation at Pollsmoor’s Medium B section. 

Members of the DCS Emergency Support Team on Monday were reinforced by close to 150 officers from the SA Police Services to conduct search-and-seizure operations in the affected cells at Goodwood. 

During the raid, one cellular phone, a charger, sharp shaving blades and a few self-made knives were confiscated. 

Western Cape Regional Commissioner Delekile Klaas held a lengthy behind-the-scenes meeting with the Provincial Commissioner of the SA Police Service.

The meeting centred on intensifying proactive and effective mechanisms of detecting any similar future potential incidents, the spiralling gang activities in correctional facilities around the Western Cape and strengthening other areas of cooperation between the two institutions. - SAnews.gov.za

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