Foreign nationals won’t be allowed to own land in SA

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pretoria - Foreign nationals will not be allowed to own land in South Africa, but will be eligible for long term lease, President Jacob Zuma announced during his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday.

“Foreign nationals will not be allowed to own land in South Africa but will be eligible for long term lease. In this regard, the Regulation of Land Holdings Bill will be submitted to Parliament this year.

“Through the Land Reform Programme, more than ninety thousand hectares of land have been allocated to small holder farmers, farm dwellers and labour tenants,” he said. 

Land claims

President Zuma said land has become one of the most critical factors in achieving redress for the wrongs of the past.

Last year, government reopened the second window of opportunity for the lodgement of land claims to individuals, families and communities who were dispossessed of their land by the 1913 Natives Land Act.

He said more than 36 000 land claims have been lodged nationally and the cut-off date is 2019.

“We are also exploring the fifty/fifty policy framework, which proposes relative rights for people who live and work on farms. Fifty farming enterprises will be identified as a pilot project.

“In terms of our new proposed laws, a ceiling of land ownership will be set at a maximum of 12 000 hectares,” he said. 

The President also announced that the process of establishing the Office of the Valuer-General is underway, which is established in terms of the Property Valuation Act.

Once implemented, the law will stop the reliance on the Willing Buyer-Willing Seller method in respect of land acquisition by the state. -