Acting North West Premier “not facing any fraud charges”

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The North West provincial administration says it has noted with concern misleading and unfounded reports about the Acting Premier, Wendy Nelson, that she stands accused of fraud, corruption and maladministration. 

“This unfounded and malicious report suggests that the North West Premier and MEC for Finance face charges of corruption in relation to a Gupta linked medical service provider. 

“The provincial administration places it on record that the Acting Premier has no fraud charges laid against her by the North West Health and Social Development Committee, as incorrectly reported by the media. 

“It is therefore unfortunate that the media has decided to run with such incorrect information which casts aspersion on the character of the Acting Premier.  

“Allegations made are malicious and seek to tarnish the work of the Acting Premier in her commitment and determination to selflessly serve the people of North West. 

“She is committed to serve to the best of her ability by ensuring transparent and good governance,” the North West Provincial Government said in a statement. 

The provincial administration said the case in question was opened by the North West Health and Social Development Committee in March 2018 and had nothing to do with the Acting Premier.’  

The allegation that Provincial Treasury has paid Mediosa, as suggested by media reports, is “devoid of the truth and has been confirmed in many engagements by the Department of Health”. The provincial government said any enquiries relating to this matter must be directed to the Department of Health. 

“We refer to our past media release, which provided clarity and information relating to the forensic reports on Mediosa,” the provincial government said. 

Allocations to departments are done in line with government budgetary processes and appropriated accordingly by the Provincial Legislature. 

The provincial government reaffirmed its commitment to ensure the implementation of the PFMA by observing the responsibilities of each accounting officer in terms of section 38. 

“The provincial administration unequivocally rejects the false reports about the Acting Premier and request that she be given space and time to execute her new responsibilities. 

“Her track record speaks volumes, having served with distinction in various portfolios in all three spheres of government,” the provincial government said. –

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